6 kilometers is the average distance that people, mostly children, in developing countries walk for water, often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.


Your registration provides clean water for one person, so when you participate in the Global 6K for Water you take that 6K distance so a child doesn’t have to – ever again.


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Starting Grounds Church
230 South Parkway, BG


May 19th
9:00 am start


$50 adult registration
$25 child registration



Do I have to run?
No! You can walk, jog, run, push a stroller, skip, dance or even mosey. There is no time limit to this event. It’s a fun-run or an event that is more about raising awareness for clean water than pushing athletic prowess.  
Do I have to attend the event at Starting Grounds Church?
No! We hope you can join us live at the site, but if you can’t, you can still participate. If you live out of town, if the date/time doesn’t work or you simply prefer your treadmill, you don’t have to run at the host location. The Global 6K for Water is a ‘virtual’ race so you can complete it on your own time wherever and whenever you like. Invite your friends and use #6kforWater to stay connected socially. 
Can I register for your team if I don’t live in Battle Ground?
Of course! This is a global event and many participants do not live near a hosted site. We’d love to have you on our team! Run or walk the race and be sure to share your photos with us and use #6KforWater.  
What is the cost?
The registration fee for an adult is $50 which provides clean water for one person in need! Children’s registrations are $25.  
Can I sponsor a runner/walker?
Yes! We have lots of able bodied kids in our church. We’d love for you to contact the church and ask to sponsor a child (or adult) registration. 100% of the proceeds will still go to World Vision. 
How is World Vision organizing this globally?
Learn more about the 6K for Water and how it’s being organized around the world on their main event page
What if I don’t attend church?
Starting Grounds Church is the host site for this event. You don’t have to attend our church (or any church) to participate. We’d love to blow this event out of the water (pun intended) and make Battle Ground a HUGE event site. 
I have more questions.
Feel free contact us with any additional questions.