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Storytelling “Jesus’ Style”

For Evangelism And Discipleship

Learn through demonstration a simple way to engage others in casual Bible story telling aimed at inviting them into the faith…as Jesus did, through telling stories while meeting people right where they are. Also, learn how to help people take their next steps spiritually in a customized, personalized discipleship plan that anyone can do. Come learn this engaging, fun, insightful, Spirit-led way to tell stories that rearrange people’s lives to be more like Jesus, the Master Storyteller!
Starting Grounds Church
Saturday June 3rd 8am-4pm (lunch will be on your own)
Cost is $10 each (kids 13 & under are free)
Childcare will be provided for ages 3-8
Kids 9 years and older are encouraged to attend
There will be a registration form available during church on Sundays. Please put payment in a Tithe & Offering envelope with your name, label it Ray Neu Storytelling, and put it in an offering box. The deadline for registration is May 30th.


Small groups are where the rubber meets the road. It’s where you voice the dreams God has been stirring in your heart. It’s where you are known and loved in specific/practical ways. It’s where your non-christian friends feel comfortable enough to attend a “church thing”. It’s where you mature in your faith. It’s where mission trips happen and it’s where church plants come from! We are SO EXCITED to see all that God has for Starting Grounds church through small groups. Please join one of our small groups!


We are in the process of planning the next baptism service! If you are interested in getting baptized, please contact us for more information.