What’s New at Starting Grounds


World Vision’s 6K for Clean Water Walk/Run

Why 6K? 6 kilometers is the average distance people in the developing world walk for water; water that is often unsafe to drink.  We’re committed to making a difference by joining World Vision’s quest for clean water.  

Race Day

May 6, 2017 @ 9am

When you register, you can simply join our team at Starting Grounds Church on race day.  Walk/run with us or bring your own friends; this race can be completed at your own speed on your own time – the only goal is to provide clean water for someone who has to walk 6K everyday!  Thousands of people around the world will be walking/running with you – all to support clean water for the world.  
The cost is $50 to register – which provides one person clean water through World Vision’s water project.  

Register Here

*Use the promo code WWD2017 to get $10 off your registration fee through April 9th at 12 AM


Small groups are where the rubber meets the road. It’s where you voice the dreams God has been stirring in your heart. It’s where you are known and loved in specific/practical ways. It’s where your non-christian friends feel comfortable enough to attend a “church thing”. It’s where you mature in your faith. It’s where mission trips happen and it’s where church plants come from! We are SO EXCITED to see all that God has for Starting Grounds church through small groups. Please join one of our small groups!


We are in the process of planning the next baptism service! If you are interested in getting baptized, please contact us for more information.