Our Community Commitment

Our Mission is…

To help people love God and to love others.


Maple Grove Schools.

We have forged a partnership with Maple Grove Elementary to work together to help provide resources for after-school programs and meet the needs of the classrooms.  We have a wonderful relationship with the leadership at Maple Grove and our two organizations are mutually committed to improving the lives of the children of Battle Ground. Through the grace of God, we were able to assist Maple Grove with:
  • Provide Thanksgiving food boxes to families in need
  • Re-sanding their volleyball courts
  • Preparing their community garden for their after-school program
  • Providing funds to help sustain after-school activities
  • Hosting a pencil drive to help off-set the cost of providing 1,000 pencils for standardized testing
  • School supply drive to help children without the means to purchase school supplies
  • Hosting Maple Grove’s back-to-school open house night by providing free refreshments to families
  • Funded Maple Grove’s watch dog program
  • Hosting teacher appreciation days with free coffee for teachers 

North County Community Food Bank.

Starting Grounds Church hosts a periodic food drives to support the local food bank. Through the generosity of our people, we have been able to help supply this organization with basic food necessities like beans, pasta, tuna and other food staples.  Monthly cash donations are also sent to the Food Bank.  At Christmastime, we hosted a dinner for several families who are on assistance through the NCCFB.  It was our pleasure to serve them for the evening and provide a meal to friends in need.  

Homeless Population.

Pastor Mark Roskam from Starting Grounds Church also serves as the full-time chaplain at Open House Ministries and shelter in Vancouver, WA.  Starting Grounds is heavily involved  at Open House and many of their ministries are directed by our church members.  As a church we are committed to being visible evidence of a loving God to the needy in our local community and around the world.

Toy Drive.

During Christmastime, we have conducted toy drives to benefit local, low income families who don’t have the means of providing a special gift to a great kid.  Our congregation helped fill this need by collecting toys for children and small gift cards for teens to let them know that Jesus loves them. 

Harvest Days Parade.

Starting Grounds is proud to support our community Harvest Days Parade by providing free parking, bottled water & coffee in our parking lot and opening our doors for free restroom use during the parade.  A simple act of kindness for the church and a big impact for busy parade goers who have no access to restrooms and limited parking. We also sponsor the Skate Park Competition and provide pizza and water for participants.  We hope to see you around for Harvest Days!

Diaster Relief.

Starting Grounds responded to Hurricane Harvey be collecting supplies from our church and other local churches and driving a packed 17′ U-haul to Houston for delivery.  What a beautiful thing it is when God’s people come together across a state to help others on the other side of the nation in their time of need.