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Why Church?

At Starting Grounds, we are committed to helping people understand the benefits of growing into a relationship with God through the Bible and Jesus Christ. Even if you have never attended church, we happily welcome you to learn the joy, peace and fulfillment of a new life with the Lord through Jesus.

Doubts About Coming to Church?

It’s okay, lots of people do. People of all ages come to church at different times in their lives and for different reasons. If you are curious about why people attend church, we encourage you to ask us. Here’s the basic idea of why our people enjoy church.


God designed church to be a place where people could come together and learn about the truths contained in the Bible and about the love God has for all of His creation (that's you).



God doesn’t want us to go through life alone. He designed us to crave relationships with others. Church is a place where people gather together as a family to help each other get through the trials of everyday life and to seek a life closer to God.



God wants His people to show love, devotion and praise toward Him. God is all around us – in nature, in our work, in the faces of our children. God loves us and craves for His children to come together and appreciate all they have been given by Him.



God designed our hearts to feel joy when we help others. At Starting Grounds Church, we cultivate people towards serving each other and our community through the talents God gave us.



We’re really happy you’re curious about church. We hope you’ll come visit and say hello or contact us with specific questions.


So Who is Jesus?

You've heard of Jesus – God’s one and only Son. What you may not know is why Jesus. Simply put, Jesus came to earth as a human to show us God's abundant love for humanity and how to be in relationship with Him. Jesus is the one who teaches there is room at God's table for everyone. That includes you. 


If you’re interested in learning more about why people go to church, what it means, or who Jesus is – we suggest you check out Find Church Battle Ground. It’s a ministry of connected churches that wish for you to find the love of God in ANY one of our local churches.  

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