Facebook Groups


If you consider Starting Grounds to be your church home, we encourage you to join our Facebook Private Groups.  
SGC Family Room:  This group is a great way to grow together with all members of the church.  Church announcements, events and general discussions from members of the church – this is where we share life together outside of Sunday Services and Bible Study. Ask to join the SGC Family Room here. 
Women’s Group:  SGC Women’s Group is a place where the ladies of SGC discuss their Bible Studies, encourage and pray for each other, share devotionals and general spiritual growth.  Ladies are welcome to join the group, even if they cannot attend the Tuesday night Bible studies.  Ask to join the SGC Women’s Group here.  
Men’s Group:  Join the Men’s group to discuss Bible Studies, encourage and pray for each other or share life together.  Ask to join the SGC Men’s group here.  
Youth Group:  Teens of Starting Grounds have their own group as well.  Parents of teens are welcome to join this page too.  Events, news and reminders are posted about SGC Youth Group.  Ask to join the SGC Youth Page here.