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Serve Faithfully

At Starting Grounds Church, we encourage people to use their unique gifts to serve the Lord.  Volunteering is a way to fill your heart and give back to God who has given His all to you.  There are several ways to faithfully serve the Lord at Starting Grounds Church.  Here are just a few simple ways you can help – however, you can always contact us about any additional opportunities you want to explore. 



One of the most important ways to help others is to offer to pray for them.  Ask us how you can help pray for others.


Coffee Shop.

Want to help welcome people to Starting Grounds Church? Consider volunteering in our coffee shop on Saturday nights or Sunday morning.  Experience is not necessary.


Sound and Video.

An important part of our weekly services is the use of sound and video equipment.  If you have an interest in helping run the sound board or video system, let us know.  No need for prior experience, volunteers receive full training.


Children’s Ministries.

If you like teaching children about the love of Jesus, consider volunteering in our Children’s Church.  There are opportunities for those who would like to teach or to assist with class or preparation of crafts and class materials.

(90 day waiting period and background check applies.)


Neighborhood Projects.

We try to be involved with various projects involving hands-on service to those in our community.  The projects include yard work, home repair, and other practical acts of service.


Buddy Break. 

Starting Grounds Church has a Buddy Break Ministry that meets at our location. Buddy break is a free program for kids with special needs. The kids come and have fun, and the parents get a respite or “break” to enjoy some personal time.   



If you would like any additional info on any of these opportunities or would like to suggest another way that you would be interested in serving please contact us.

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